Not only am I starting to say goodbye to my junior year I am also giving this blog a final farewell. Over the year this blog has become something that could be a little bit of a pain but I do understand the purpose and the benefits that came along with this blog. It helped me quickly think of ideas and organize my thoughts even when I am in a hurry because sometimes I would accidently forget until Sunday to start my blogs. These blogs also helped me realize what I like to learn and talk about and what things can get a little boring and not so fun to talk about. This blog not only made me think of ideas and topics fast it also helped me type and spit out ideas faster. Which was very helpful for our timed essays that we had to do for the AP exam. Not all things were bad and too educational that this blog did this blog was also sometimes fun and it let me have a place to talk about the things I was interested in. Also it gave me a reason to find things I was interested in and things that I wanted to learn more about. I know that at some times when it was the middle of the year and I was stuck under piles and piles of homework and new material these blogs turned into busywork. It makes sense to me why sometimes these blogs were such a drag, it was because I didn’t always have time to make the blogs how I wanted them, nor did I have the motivation to make the blogs any better.
I am glad that I had to write these blogs because it was a good experience. I think that writing blogs made me change as a writing. not only as a writer but as a person who is involved with technology a lot, some would say that is because of my generation. But that is besides the point. I know that by writing these blogs I have learned more new things about the crazy commands that a computer can follow. I loved and hated these blog posts but in the end I know that they were good for me and for my future in dealing with writing and technology. And at some points the blogs were even fun. I am glad that I got to express my opinion on the current and old events that were going on.


The Billboard Music Awards

This past Sunday the Billboard Music Awards aired on ABC for around 2 and a half hours. I love award shows, all of them, I find each and every one interesting in their own ways. Although I love these popular award shows I think that the worse thing about them in the commercials. It seems like one thing is said and then they are taking the next break. Sometimes it feels like the show isn’t going anywhere and it is just commercial after commercial and then ads on ads. Besides the endless ads and breaks award shows are great. I love how they are filled with so many different stars doing a variety of things. Such as either performing or announcing or hosting. I just love to see all of these world known celebrities acting normal and participating in what seems like everyday life. It gives them a more humane image because they aren’t acting or putting on a show.

One of my favorite parts of this award show was Rhianna’s performance. I was just about to turn off the TV and go to bed when I heard to “stay tuned for Rhianna’s live performance.” Once I heard those simple words I was hooked. I wanted to see what she was going to do, and I loved it. I haven’t been able to stop listening to the song she performed. And that is one of the best things about award shows it makes it so much easier to discover new things and find out new songs or movies or to even just find out about new people in general. The song she performed was called, “Love on the Brain.” I do not really know if it is a recent song or if it was from a while back but either way I really loved the song. I have been continually listening to it non-stop ever since I heard it live. (right now I even wish I were listening to it but unfortunately I can’t because I have forgotten my headphones at home) The song is so catchy and noting like any song I have ever heard to be honest. It is out of the mainstream a little bit and she makes her voice sound very unique and different than what she usually does. Another thing I absolutely loved about watching this song and hearing it was the passion that was behind her voice as she was performing and when you listen to the song you can really feel and hear her emotions that went into making this song.

Over You

After a long weekend of my 3rd dance competition i went online to go look up the video of our performance. I watched both my contemporary and jazz routine. The videos were up surprisingly early, around a couple of days after we had just competed. After i watched the video a couple times i started to scroll through the competition’s Youtube page. And as i was looking through the videos i was clicking on the ones that caught my eye, just by the costumes, or because the title was BEST LYRICAL or BEST JAZZ. Those for some reason intrigued my to watch the videos. The girls in these videos were pretty good, good leg lines, a lot of emotion, i could understand why they had won their category or even won overall. The dancers were from all over the United States. It seems to me that a lot of the best dancers were from places far from Iowa. Which wasnt too surprising to me considering that i do know that other states have much better dance programs. Although the ones in Iowa are still very prestigious. I was looking through the lyrical category and i came across one that said “BEST LYRICAL// Over You” and i am not quite sure what led me to click on the video but i did and man am i so glad that i did.I am not a person who usually sits at home and watches dances but i found myself doing that very thing, and this dance was so exceptional i wish i could have seen it in person because even though the video i flawless i bet in person it was even better. This has been one of the absolute best dances i have ever seen , i continue to watch it over and over again.I would think i’d be sick of it by now but i think it is the complete opposite. Each time i watch i fall more and more in love with the choreography. The emotion in this dance is insane. I can really feel that the 3 sets of partners in this dance have really connected before. The trust between them seems beyond their age. These dancers are my age and they look like they could be pro. The movement quality is so effortless and light it looks like they aren;t even trying to reach perfection. The one this i love about this dance it that it really looks as though they are telling a story i wasn’t watching the dance thinking wow what great choreography they have it goes great, all i wanted to do was watch and keep watching. They dancers are so captivating. Even if you have never watched a dance video in your life i truly believe that if you are ever going to watch on in your life it should be this one!!!



How to change people’s minds

For the book report that i am going to have to write i had to find a topic to connect my book to. And at first i had many thoughts that were going around my head. I knew a lot of things went with psychology but i think that is what made this task specifically hard. I was thinking about things that were typically talked about like what psychology is and how it affects everyone in their everyday life, but i thought that was too vague and didn’t really have a hook on it that really made me want to write about that. After getting a little further into my book i realized what i wanted to write about. I thought about how the book was explain how to get the best outcomes by really knowing what is going on in everyone else in the rooms head. I wanted to figure out the true connection between psychology and advertising. I knew that there was a connection but after reading this book it made me realize what a big connection it was. Although the book doesn’t directly talk about advertising you can tell that by knowing what is going on in everyone’s head it helps you know how to change the way people think. I was looking up videos on youtube to help me understand more about this connection and what i found was more interesting than what i thought it was going to be. In this video that i found it started to explain that the way the brain works, it seems like there are little key hole in the brain that when certain things are put into the brain it will make the brain think whatever you want. Advertisers and their agencies figure out the best way to “speak” to their viewers or readers. They will use certain colors to make you feel certain feelings and they will use the two different types of getting through to people. They will use either direct or peripheral route. Direct is when the ad appeals to the brain in the way of facts and logic. This is most commonly used when a person is already invested into what they are wanting to buy. Peripheral is used in a way that appeals to the costumers senses and emotions. The ad will uses certain colors or words that will help the viewer temporarily want to get that item. If you or anyone you know is interested in knowing why other people and even themselves are so puled to certain ads and products watch the video that is linked below as a started and from there explore the other more detailed and longer videos on this topic!!


Troye Sivan

Starting out as a infamous youtuber, Troye Sivan used to post his daily life onto the international sensation website of Youtube. He posted weekly and eventually he gain more than a million subscribers. Over the years i had never heard of Sivan, i hadnt even really heard of Youtube in general. I didnt so much but look up music videos in this website. I started tuning in to Troye’s channel after he had already made a name for himself. And before i knew it i was a loyal subscriber. I would look forward to his new videos because there was something about his personality that made me want to keep watching his videos. When i watched his videos i felt like i could really see the effort that he put into his work, i and i am sure all of his viewers could really see the passion that he poured into the weekly videos. Although i didnt start tuning into his videos until later i felt like i had been watching them forever. One thing that surprised me was that he seemed so comfortable in front of the camera, like most youtubers do. Since i hadnt been a regular watcher of Troye i had no clue that he was a singer until one of his weekly videos came out and he was singing a cover of an old song that i used to listen to. And to my surprise he was really good. I loved to look up covers on youtube and i had been do that for a while, but this was even moe surprising to me because i had been watching his videos and i had no clue that he even had a semi good voice, or that he enjoyed music at all. Now as I sit and write this blog listening to Troye Sivan’s new album i am still caught off guard with how much i enjoy his music. After hearing his first cover i looked up any of his new songs and i found a few that he wrote himself. Then as i got searching i found his album and fell in love. ever since then i have listened to his new album and enjoyed many many of the songs on repeat. From a little unknown youtuber to a world known singer Troye has made his way up the charts and into peoples ears by create such unique and likeble music!

The Wisest One in The Room

I have always been fascinated with the human brain and what it can do when it is alone or when it is interacting with other people. I have recently gotten a book from Barnes adn Noble name, “The Wisest One in The Room.”I am not extremely  far into the book ye but it is already catching my attention. It talks about how many different things affect your brain and when you are with other people you can react differently.  I love how in this book it starts off with a statement or claim about what these two psychologist believe and then they follow it with a  story or an example that will help explain to a normal reader, who may not know much about psychology, how the concept works. I am excited to see what this book has to offer as i go further into it, but i hope that the writing doesnt get too sophisticated for me. i think that knowing a little bit of background on psychology by taking AP psych when i was a sophomore really helps me gain more knowledge and understanding of what they are really talking about. Along with telling its readers about psychology and how their brain works this book also explains certain parts of the brain, not in great detail becuase obviously it isnt a textb0ok and it wasnt made to comlpetely educated a person on the brain. Actually this book is more about self improvment and how knowing about other people adn what they are like can make you one of the smarted/ wisest people in the room. The book uses the psychology terms to help persuade the reader that knowing these things will help them interact with their coworkers or their freinds or  thei bosses. No matter the reason you or someone else is plannign on reading this book i think that there are many benefits to it and some i havent even gotten close to figuring out yet because i am not too far into the book, like i said earlier. I am eager to find out more about the human brain and how ti works thsi book and even though i am reading it for a project i hope i get many more details and lessons about the brain from thid book. I hope that by reading this is will help me getting a larger better picture about the world and people than i do now.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber started off as a youtube child sensation and has turned into an international star. When my friends and i first started listening to Justin Bieber we were in about 6th or 7th grade and we thought that he was the most amazing person in the whole world!! we loved his songs, his outfits, and his appearances. We fell in love so quick that it was almost weird, it had become a deep obsession. we always wanted to listen to his music and make up routines to the newest songs. We even went to a few of his concerts, and they were the best times of our life’s. Then Justin Bieber sort of went off the deep end, and he didn’t really get the limelight for a couple of years because of so called bad decisions that he was making. A big deal was made about what Justin was doing, everyone followed him so hard and watched him like a hawk. Pictures of him were being released and stories were being told about him that may or may not have been true. After the whole world bailed on him and sort of gave up he lost his “image” in the world of hollywood and people started to forget about him. I know there were two sides to the whole situation some people stayed on the side of Justin and believed that he was just making the common teenager mistakes but on the other hand some people lost hope and they thought that Justin was a lost caus. they thought that he had let them down because he had so many fans that were too young and innocent. I personally wasnt on one side or the other when this was all happening but i think that it could go either way. i dont think that Justin or any celebrity’s life should be tracked that harshly but it happens. i do believe that Justin was making the same decisions as teenagers now and many years ago made. Recently Justin has made a new aln=bum and fans have gone crazy for his new songs and they think that Justin has finally made his way back to the person he was when it all started. Although he has changed in many many ways people again have hope for Justin and he is breaking records and charts with his new songs and albums.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl

I remember back when i was younger i was at a friends birthday party and it was beginning to get later in the night and we were all suppose to start settling down for bed, or at least that is what her mom told us to do. We all gathered in our sleeping bags, which was a normal occasion when i was younger we always brought along our favorite sleeping bags and laid them out in rows right next to each other. At this particular sleepover though her mom brought us down big bowls of ice cream and an assortment of different toppings. As kids this was the best moment of our lives we thought that we had hit the jackpot with the ice cream but to our surprise the night kept getting better. Her mom brought down a semi large selection of movies for us to watch, and after many rounds of eliminating the movie options we got it down to our top two choices. After the birthday girl made the final decision we were all packed in our sleeping bags ready to watch the newly released movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

This children’s movie is one that i continue to watch even now. The story line was one that i had never ever thought would ever exist. Disney movies at the time had all been so similar, they had a main girl who fell in love with the guy and then they lived happily ever after, but only after they faced a big obstacle. This movie broke that pattern and made it so kids and even adults could experience a new kind of Disney channel original movie. In this movie a young boy has a dream journal and in it has all of his secrets. One of his fellow classmates gets a hold of this book and tries to out all of his secrets. Throughout the movie it follows the adventures of this young boys dreams and all of the things that could either go right or wrong for him.

I think that this movie although old and has sort of bad special effects i think that it should still be watched by all ages because of its unique type of storyline and it different types of visuals. I recommend that even if the movie seems out of date that it should still be considered when you are planning a movie night with some of you favorite friends!

“Art Matters” Hannah Holman

Walking into the black box to hear a cellist isnt something that i had pictured myself doing. Usually i would take the 60 minute break from school to go home and relax for a little. So as i walked into the room, which was only slightly filled, i found a seat next to a couple of my friends and didnt think much of anything. I didnt know what to expect from this performance. To my surprised it was extremely interesting. I have never been a person to enjoy or even listen to classical music or music that would be played in an orchestra. I didnt think that i would like the way it sounds at all because i am more of an alternative music listener or slower songs, but nothing classical or instrumental. I am so glad that i was able to go and experience this type of music because it made me create a whole new perspective on what i thought about that type of music. I had been so wrapped up in what i thought classical music sounds like and since i had never enjoyed any other kinds before i couldnt like this instrument. Stereotypes had blocked my perspective but i am glad that i ended up going. Hannah had played some music that sounded familiar but it was nothing like i was used to hearing at all. She played some classical and some modern songs and i think that each song brought something new and intriguing. I really loved hearing the modern music because it was seriously nothing like i have ever heard in my life. The way she played made it look so easy but so hard at the same time, i dont recall any mistakes made in her performance but as i followed her hands on the strings her fingers moved to intricately that i knew what she was doing would be impossible for anyone to even come close to her skill. Although i had originally gone to this tutorial and talk just so i could slip in 3 blog posts into one i think that after going my mindset had changed. Not only do i have a different view on what classical music is and what it is like to hear different genres on the cello, i have also gained a new way of looking at art and what art is. I think we are surrounded by more art than we think and each and every person in the world sees art differently and each person feels something a little different from the other making art so shared among lots of people but so personal and secretive that it breaks boundaries.

Musical Comedy

A new thing that i came across last year was comedy done in the way of a song. I hadnt heard anything like it until my brother told be about a semi famous comedian by the name of Bo Burnham. At first, like most people i think. i wasnt buying into it right away. I thought that it was a little weird, that jokes were going to be sang. I was thinking about how songs were suppose to be for the radio and concerts and your favorite artist. I used to have to ride to school with my brother each morning senior years and so i had to sit and listen to these types of songs during the majority of my school days. Like I said at first i was skeptical but after a while i really started to like it. I had the lyrical stuck in my head some of the time, i had started to remember the toon and the words to the songs and i was started to get the jokes that were being made. I think that this type of comedy is going to spread, and i think that it is going to spread fast. Not many people know about this type of music or comedy, but i think that when it starts to get around and more people start to hear some of the songs that these comedians right they will fall in love instantly. I think that the way that the words flow and it is easy to catch on to what they jokes are it will be fun for audiences and listeners to even be able to sing along to their favorite joke.

On Netflix there is a hour long video of Bo Burnham’s performance. It is his most reason show called “What”. It is extremely funny and i would really recommend watching it if you are curious at all about what the world of singing jokes is. I think that the more people that are exposed to this type of comedy the bigger it will get and i think that is something that needs to be spread because it is something so unique and fun to listen to.  The songs are so catchy and some times offensive if you take them too serious but i think that that is the thing about comedy, there is a different type for all people, because obviously not all people are going to like the same things, and find everything funny.